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Investments into global startups

We are sector agnostic first money investment company. Invests in pre-seed and seed stage companies with like-minded technology entrepreneurs from the CIS and Europe, helping to realize their potential in global markets.
We are looking for opportunities to invest in IT companies with the potential to reach a capitalization of $100M+. The market size of $1B+ is a must. Pilots, first customers and users increase the chance to fall into our pipeline.
Portfolio highlights
As an operator-led venture capital firm, we see the best early-stage deals first. Become our сo-investor

Equity-free acceleration program

An idea and local traction worth nothing when you just decided to scale globally? It’s the execution and speed that count.
That’s where we come in. We bring a full range of instruments to rapidly test, build, commercialise and scale your business.
We show founders how to formulate and test hypotheses quickly, find bottlenecks preventing a revenue growth, get fast scalable results and accelerated growth.

Relocation for innovative companies & startups

Choose an effective and promising jurisdiction for your business or startup.
We will help you take advantage of startup visa programs in European countries and assist in the relocation of an existing business.
Tax planning, investment attraction, employee relocation – do you need answers to these questions?

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