is a start-up platform which build, make investments, grow companies and develop entrepreneurship community
We build
companies from scratch acting as entrepreneurs, finding unique market opportunities and new trends. We share our experience and expertise with like-minded technology entrepreneurs from the CIS and Europe, helping to realize their potential in global markets.
Knowledge base
Entrepreneur in Residence
Make investments
in technology companies early stage, both on our own and through syndicates on our platform. In order to get into our pipeline, it is enough to register and upload information about the project to the data room. You can also use the platform for independent investment fundraising for free.
For investors
Get access to pipeline
on our syndicate platform and organize work with your deal flow
Create syndicate
and manage deals on behalf of the investors, all the way to handing over the relevant legal paperwork on our syndicate platform services
Develop community
of people who create companies, products and new ideas on our platform created to exchange knowledge, information and communication.

We are focused on entrepreneurship, science and technology.
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Entrepreneurs in Residence
Advisory board
Managing Partner
Irina Delgado
Vasily Kassianides
Chief of strategic partnership
Advisory board working with our portfolio projects
Nik Duksin
Advisor MBSH
Pavel Katkov
Advisor MBSH
Entrepreneurs working in the format of regular partners in consulting practice
Alexey Katkov
Consulting Partner
Managing partner of "Katkov & Partners", one of the leading law firms in Russia in the field of intellectual property
Consulting Partner
Managing partner of the ImperiousGroup fund
Eugene Kalinin
Consulting Partner
Founder of Startup Magic, School of Trackers, leading in the accelerator of IIDF
Mike Chekanov
Consulting Partner
Expert in blockchain technologies and the development of IT systems
Andrey Fomin
Consulting Partner
Expert, Architect in AdTech
Technology entrepreneurs, working in the format of Entrepreneur in Residence
Alex Shtro
Venture Partner
Serg Tomulevich
Venture Partner
Anton Petrichev
Venture Partner
Sergey Balash
Venture Partner
Kamal Tuzhikov
Venture Partner
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