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Our EIR-as-a-Service provides companies with the entrepreneurial expertise needed to fast-track project and product development, mitigate risks with informed guidance, and drive innovation through the adoption of new technologies and approaches.
We dissect complex challenges and transform them into opportunities for development and market leadership.
By mentoring your teams, or creating new ones, and leveraging our vast network, we bridge the gap between your corporate capabilities and the nimble agility required to thrive in today's competitive landscape.




In this scenario our work model is cash & equity, which implies consulting services and getting a share in the capital of portfolio companies according to agreed KPIs at each stage of startup development.

We can act as co-founders, providing access to our products and technology expertise and infrastructure projects. This helps avoid key mistakes when launching projects and in the initial stages of development.


Seller of digital audio ads for Mail.ru Groupexceeding 100M+ ARR (RUR) in its second year
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Request: The biggest music major in the CIS region. Licensing their catalog to a mediaholding Mail.ru Group, they seek to explore additional revenue streams for their rights.

Solution: A new venture, formed separately from the mediaholding and the music major - a seller of digital audio advertising.

Key Challenges on Release:
  • Integrating the advertising product with existing platforms VK Music and Music Mail.ru.
  • Developing a full ad tech stack that interfaces the mediaholding's ad system with MyTarget and an external RTB solution, to distribute ad inventory into the current market sales channels.
  • Creating a new product that can be easily understood and adopted by buying agencies across digital and radio sectors. Introduction to the market via the analytics service - TNS.
  • Ultimately, selling this new advertising product to end advertisers.
Operator of soundscaping for the HORECAserving tens of thousands of B2B clients
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Request: Collective management organizations and the leading music rights holder are facing challenges in collecting royalties for public performance in the HORECA segment, along with a lack of accurate and transparent reporting.

Solution: The establishment of a new, separate entity that will offer a product to market consumers, ensuring the broadcast and management of music ambiance in venues. This transforms the traditional business model - the service usage fee is charged to the businesses, while the consumer only pays the legally required royalties through the platform.

Key Challenges on Release:
  • Development of client applications for all platforms and proprietary media devices. Rapid deployment of a private CDN infrastructure with consideration for the protection of distributed IPs.
  • Retraining a large network of collection agents and transforming them into a sales force.
  • Balance between the recommendation system, an extensive catalog, and ready-made presets for music curation.
First digital IP depository6 moth to launch
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Request: A major financial group and rights management market representatives aim to enter the IP protection market with a technology product that will revolutionize current processes in the industry.

Solution: The creation of a new business, an operator of its own platform that provides authors and rights holders with a suite of services for IP security.

Key Challenges on Release:
  • Developing a product pipeline for the platform's lineup, considering the red ocean in this segment and stringent government regulations.
  • Acquiring initial customers and generating revenue within 6+ months from the start of work on the first products.
some of the projects have not passed the launch and validation stage, but the concepts themselves may be useful to you

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An idea and local traction worth nothing when you just decided to scale globally? It’s the execution and speed that count. That’s where we come in. We bring a full range of instruments to rapidly test, build, commercialise and scale your business.
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